Cebtral Bedforshire - UK Council Carbon Comms First

Central Bedfordshire Council has become the first local authority in the UK to use the visual language of the Carbon Quilt to communicate carbon footprints and targets. Antony Turner stunned staff and key stakeholders at an internal event with images which will be now used in a variety of media and in induction training. Click here for a PDF of images used and more.

December Newsletter

CarbonSense has been supporting the engagement of stakeholders in setting targets and reducing emissions, and examining legal issues. We have also contributed to the fresh thinking about the kind of economics needed in a world focused on sustainability. Check out our latest newsletter for more information.

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October Newsletter

Read our latest newsletter to find out how in the run-up to the UN Conference in Copenhagen in December, CarbonSense has been involved in a  climate modelling project, leadership development, the development of corporate carbon strategies and practical progress by local authorities and others. Click here for the newsletter.

Transport for London - Getting the Message Across

CarbonSense recently completed a series of workshops for environmental champions at Transport for London in collaboration with associates Theatre4Business.  The workshops combined a lively and interactive personal communication development process with a rich vein of information around climate change and related sustainability issues using imagery and stories. Click here for a 1-page TfL Case Study

Carbon Disclosure Project - US cities take action

Written by CarbonSense for the Carbon Disclosure Project and ICLEI, the CDP Cities Project report was launched 8 July.  Eighteen cities spread across the US demonstrated leadership by disclosing their emissions and other climate change information.  Targets are being set and reductions planned.  The report sets out an analysis of findings and indicates the scale of the challenge ahead. Click here for the

CDP Cities Report

July Newsletter

Welcome to the July newsletter. Please click here for a pdf version. This month we share our work with Transport for London and the Carbon Disclosure Project plus our exciting new tool, the Carbon Quilt, for making sense of the world's footprint.

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June Newsletter

Welcome to the June newsletter. Please click here for a pdf version. This month we share our work with the Guardian News and Media, RailPen Investments and an updated overview of our Carbon Journey strategic tool.

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March Newsletter

Welcome to the March newsletter. Please click here for a pdf version. This month we share our work with the Carbon Disclosure Poject, an introduction to our new carbon visualisation project, and a look at the greening of the drinks industry.

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CDP Public Procurement pioneers

The CDP Public Procurement Report 2008, written by CarbonSense, was launched at the House of Commons on Wednesday 4 March. In total 238 suppliers, ranging from sole traders to multinationals, disclosed information on climate change strategies to the eight founding members, reporting emissions totaling over 100 million tonnes CO2e. The report can be downloaded free of charge at the Carbon Disclosure Project website

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November Newsletter

Welcome to the November newsletter. Please click here for a pdf version. This month we share our new carbon benchmarking tool, helping you to understand how your business's climate strategy is positioned against your sector and climate leaders from other sectors - allowing you to make top level decisions in the boardroom with confidence. Get in touch if you would like to learn more.

Climate Change and investment

Peter Martin spoke at an investment conference for charities organised by Barings, Rensburg Sheppards and Sarasin & Partners in partnership with the Charity Finance Directors Group. One of the key issues facing investment managers today is how to assess the climate exposure of investments appropriately given the wide range of methodologies, immature reporting conventions and sea of greenwash.

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July Newsletter

Welcome to the third CarbonSense newsletter. Please click here for a pdf version. This month we share our thoughts on how we can respond to the challenge of climate change by looking at the credit crunch. We hope you enjoy what we have to say, and let us know your thoughts. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about what we can do for you and your organisation.

5 June World Environment Day

CarbonSense brought a buzz to the offices of Nationwide and Lendlease on World Environment Day with a variety of engaging and participative events on the theme of ‘kick the carbon habit’. As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: “Whether you are an individual, an organisation, a business or a government, there are many steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint." Take a look at our short film by clicking here.

June Newsletter

Welcome to the second CarbonSense newsletter. Please click here for a pdf version. As the challenge of moving to a low-carbon future intensifies we include here a mix of our opinion, our work and a useful tool for understanding both carbon and oil price risk. Do get in touch to discuss, disagree or find out more.

SME Carbon Footprint & Oil Vulnerability

With the release of the CarbonSense carbon footprint and oil vulnerability tool, we have completed an analysis for Steve Mayes Photography. We provided a detailed report for the business analysing the carbon footprint and sensitivity to oil and gas prices; plus additional presentations to help the business understand how to become carbon positive.

27 – 30 May CarbonSense at Hay Festival

CarbonSense joined other business and government leaders to map out the pathway to a low carbon, post peak oil world as part of the Hay on Earth programme created by EcoSapiens. CarbonSense teamed up with TYF, eco3 and STC Energy to focus on: business in a changing climate; educating for different thinking; making change happen; and county-level change.

May 2008 Climate challenge now!

CarbonSense recently delivered workshops to ten companies and business groups including Delphi, Copella, Genzyme, Brecks Partnership and Suffolk Tourism Partnership, as well as forty other organisations and community groups in East Anglia. With support from Constructing Excellence and DEFRA, and creative tools including a black box and footprint counter, the workshops helped thousands to make progress on the carbon journey.

press release (pdf)   visual report (pps)   project report (pdf)

Carbon Positive Award Winners

Antony Turner was one of the judges for the South West Carbon Positive Awards at HRH The Prince of Wales’ Mayday Business Summit at the Met Office, Exeter on 1 May.  Winners included Commercial Group, Wessex Water, Who Cares Ltd, Kensa Engineering, Dyson and Knowle West Media Centre.  For further information see press release


Red alert for biofuel plans

CarbonSense reviews issues associated with biofuels for a multi-sector international business group.

11 February 2008

On the case

Together with XCO2 Energy, CarbonSense conducts a detailed analysis of the carbon footprint of food and drink for a London hotel.

February 2008

Juicy challenge

Peter Martin co-designs and runs a climate change workshop for a well-known fruit juice company in East Anglia.

19 November 2007

Changes afoot
CarbonSense finds artist for LSM foot to promote carbon footprint reduction pledges.
October 2007

Inadequate targets and the need for leadership
Press release: Response to the launch of the Climate Change Bill
29 October 2007

CarbonSense client Honda Racing F1 wins Green Award
Press release: CarbonSense client Honda F1 won the Grand Prix at the second Green Awards, which reward business for communicating sustainability in a creative and original way, for the launch of its Honda Racing Formula 1 team's environmental initiative.
26 October 2007

Climate change is good for business
Press release: Antony Turner to join James Smith, Chairman of Shell UK Ltd, Mark Goyder, Founder Director of Tomorrow’s Company and Sophia Tickell, Chair of Sustainability, in the Oxford Union Debate on business and climate change
24 September 2007

Brecks challenge
CarbonSense, with Dave Hampton the Carbon Coach, takes the climate change message to Strattons Hotel, Swaffham, Norfolk.
24 September 2007

Response to Conservative Party Quality of Life Report
Press release: Encouraging indications take the debate forward and get to grips with the challenging issues ahead but Government funding should not be used to develop a quasi-business which stifles competition and new thinking.
13 September 2007

Think Purple
CarbonSense support Reasons to be Cheerful and NEF on an interactive three-day Think Purple exhibition in a shopping centre in Milton Keynes.
September 2007

FTSE 100 companies join CarbonSense to launch new climate change courses
Press release: Key players from BT, Tesco, and Green and Blacks are joining up with CarbonSense to teach on a new series of climate change courses for business professionals at Schumacher College.
September 2007

Missed opportunity for a fundamental reappraisal
Press release: CarbonSense response to the EAC’s Voluntary Carbon Offset Market Report – Climate change is happening now and fine adjustments to the deckchair of offsetting are wholly insufficient to deal with the impending challenge. We urge the Government to draw on the latest science to conduct a more fundamental reappraisal of the part that offsetting should or should not play in its climate change strategy.
23 July 2007

CarbonSense’s views in advance of the EAC Voluntary Carbon Offset
Market Report
CarbonSense hopes that Monday’s Governmental report on offsetting will not ‘greenwash’ the concept of offsetting, and that UK businesses will get the clarity they urgently need.
19 July 2007

Carbon construction
CarbonSense secured a climate change strategy contract with a forward-thinking company in the construction sector.
July 2007

CarbonSense client is ‘Company of the Year’
Press release: BT won Business in the Community’s prestigious award at the 2007 Awards for Excellence. The prize was awarded for its positive impact on society, which acknowledged its successful and pioneering climate change strategy.
3 July 2007

Invisible Bonfires
With the benefit of climate change input from CarbonSense, Forkbeard Fantasy launched their engaging and wildly surreal production ‘Invisible Bonfires’ on an unsuspecting world.
May 2007

Carbon counting
CarbonSense wins another complex supply chain and product carbon footprinting project from a world-leading manufacturer of consumer and industrial products.
April 2007

Community Strategy
CarbonSense provided input on climate change to community development strategy development for Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council.
March 2007

Sustainable biofuels
CarbonSense completed a review of the how best to ensure that carbon reductions and sustainability are integral to corporate use of biofuels.
March 2007

Youth Parliament
Peter Martin provided a signature speech to the Medway Youth Parliament.
March 2007

Think Purple
CarbonSense joined a consortium to develop and promote the shared brand Think Purple – if carbon dioxide were purple we would have seen the sky change colour in our lifetimes.
March 2007


Passion and purpose
CarbonSense delivered rousing input on carbon communications to a large group of specialists engaged in attempting low-carbon refurbishment projects.
December 2006

In the City: Carbon
CarbonSense play a key part in a climate change conference for investors held at the London Stock Exchange.
October 2006

Cool aid
CarbonSense helped new start-up Global Cool with analysis of engagement and behavioural change.
September 2006

Back from Mongolia
Fraser Durham joined CarbonSense after a career in investment banking and two years travelling around the world.
August 2006

Delivered on time
CarbonSense began work on climate change strategy for TNT Group.
August 2006

Carbon as currency
Tom Rivett-Carnac and Antony Turner Nairobi when????
Date here

Carbon as currency
Antony Turner led an interactive seminar on ‘carbon as currency’ at an international academic conference, carrying forward work on a theme explored at HM Treasury in 2005.
July 2006

Cities Action Summit
CarbonSense contribute to the Cities Action Summit in London.
July 2006