5 June

World Environment Day

Each year since 2004 we have brought a buzz to World Environment Day, for clients ranging from the Environment Agency to businesses, large and small.  We’ll be doing the same in 2008 with an emphasis on fun, as well as passion and commitment.  Look out – you might find us in your workplace!  Find out more here or call Mary Lidgate on 01626 777274.

1 May

Carbon Positive Awards at HRH The Prince of Wales’ Mayday Business Summit

Antony Turner will be one of the judges for the South West Carbon Positive Awards taking Tell me and i'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and i'll understand. Confuciusplace at HRH The Prince of Wales’ Mayday Business Summit at the Met Office, Exeter on 1 May.  This regional award scheme has been developed by the South West Regional Development Authority supported by Business in the Community and Sustainability South West.  Over 100 businesses and organisations operating in the South West have already joined the May Day Network.  

For more information, contact antony@carbonsense.com .

14 March
Carbon Positive Workshop - how businesses will meet the needs and demands of carbon literate customers

CarbonSense together with Adam Nieman, Rob Hopkins, Jules Peck, John Grant and others.

A facilitated workshop bringing together perspectives on climate change, Peak Oil, carbon literacy, national and international policy development and the Transition Towns movement. 

12 March
Nature’s laws – can we live without them?

Stephan Harding and Antony Turner
(closed event)

As humans we are used to living within societal rules and boundaries which we set for ourselves. But are there laws that govern our existence with the planet? Is climate change the result of ‘breaking’ these laws? Dr Stephan Harding will offer a view of the world based on a renewed understanding of the living Earth and the dynamic system in which we live. Antony Turner will illustrate business leadership with examples from some of the world’s biggest companies and ask whether a combined response could be enough to pull us back from the brink?

We frequently provide speakers for events and conferences including both open conferences and in-house seminars, away-days, workshops and other events. Our input is always engaging, informative and visual, and we are often counted upon to challenge common perspectives.

Contact Beverley Wannacott on 01626 777274 or by email Beverley@carbonsense.org.