Carbon Journey

Since creating the Carbon Journey framework After trying to master nature, now our last hope is to work with nature. Dominic Michaelisin 2005 we have helped many organisations develop a carbon strategy. The Carbon Journey can also be used by investors to benchmark corporate performance. By combining process and targets, it helps planning, measuring results and avoiding false goals.

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Anyone for green business drinks?

Antony Turner, interviewed for the magazine ‘DrinksBusiness’, gives his personal views as to why society is still not taking climate change seriously.  He argues that any business will gain multiple benefits from putting in place a sound climate change strategy.

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Climate Change and investment

Peter Martin spoke at an investment conference forcharities organised by Barings, Rensburg Sheppards and Sarasin & Partners in partnership with the Charity Finance Directors Group.One of the key issues facing investment managers today is how to assess the climate exposure of investments appropriately given the wide range of methodologies, immature reporting conventions and sea of greenwash.

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Food for thought – letter in the New Scientist

We were delighted to have a letter published in New Scientist (24 September) challenging the way that the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of greenhouse gases is compared to carbon dioxide over 100 years. Over a more appropriate timescale of 10 years, methane is about three times more potent. There are considerable implications for agriculture, the carbon footprinting of food and especially meat and dairy products, and for climate strategies in associated sectors.

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Ecological Credit Crisis - Lessons from the financial credit crunch

As the grip of the global credit crunch tightens, can we step back and learnfrom our mistakes in the financial markets to develop a better understanding of how to approach the gathering "ecological crunch"?

14 July 2008

Fraser Durham

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Developing Carbon Literacy

The challenge for society is to get 1 billion people carbon literate within the next 5 years.

10 July 2008

Antony Turner

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Beyond carbon neutral

A claim of carbon neutrality based on offsetting is no longer a satisfactory orsufficient aim for any business or government. The key for all of us will be to learn from the distractions and diversions, and to change more quickly than the climate system on which we all depend.

28 April 2008

Peter Martin

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There is a solution to the biofuels problem

The UK Government should admit that legally binding blending of biofuels is unhelpful. It should urgently withdraw thisrequirement and enable a market where genuine carbon and sustainability criteria are visible to all fuel purchasers.

Independent (letter to the Editor, 19 April 2008)

Antony Turner

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Benn ducks pledge to honour targets

Mr Benn shocked his audience when he failed to bind the government to tough new curbs on CO2 emissions, widely expected to be recommended by the government’s new independent advisors on climate science.

23 April 2008

Alban Thurston

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Prepare for environmental standards
While food standards are certainly significant, it is likely that we will see the emergence of enforceable “environmental” standards in the coming years.
Financial Times (letters to the Editor, 10 August 2007)
Tom Rivett-Carnac
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Offsetting is off-putting
In our efforts to deal with climate change, carbon offsetting is not the panacea that some people imagine.
Guardian online (23 July 2007)
Peter Martin
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Healing the Air
We have the capacity to live in harmony with our planet, but we need a rapid, massive and global awakening at a personal level if we wish to avoid self-destruction.
Resurgence (May – June 2004)
Antony Turner
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