making sense of climate change


Sustainability starter

The company wanted to start to engage employees in sustainability. A brief but thought-provoking and inspirational communication was required. The aims for this were to explain some of the steps the company is taking, help people to see what actions they could take personally, and illustrate that although climate change and sustainability are big complex issues, everyone can play a constructive role in the future.

CarbonSense made a short film using real interviews with employees based on three of the company’s sites. This also included telling, in a light-hearted way, the story of the CO2 label on the Walker’s Crisps product. At an initial scoping meeting with the client it was agreed we would include ‘positive stories’ about some of the company’s other brands too. We proposed that the film would comprise simple ‘stories’, accessible to all and avoid overwhelming people with technical facts or complex science.

Using a small film crew we interviewed shop floor and management staff at these and also included in-situ interviews with two key suppliers – in fields and orchards.

The project was completed in four weeks, on time and to budget, and included:

  • 20 minute film (DVD) plus shorter versions
  • participant handout
  • facilitator’s delivery guidelines.


The response from their responsible Vice President: was …I don’t just like it, I love it.

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